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largest online shopping mall

Aussie Mega Mall is an early stage internet shopping mall which, it is a world-first-of-its-kind. It is not an online “marketplace” like Amazon, eBay, Catch, Alibaba, Kogan, Etc., but rather, it is an eCommerce online “virtual mall”

Aussie Mega Mall is passionately focussed on supporting Australian Merchants both existing and would-be eCommerce product and service providers. Our aim is to be “the-go-to-place” for all shoppers and Australian merchants alike.

If you are an Australian merchant Aussie Mega Mall offers you more than any of the competitor platforms vying for your business and few if any of the significant risks they present.

If you are a shopper, Aussie Mega Mall offers you more products “On Sale” than Amazon in Australia. Plus, the assurance that you are not only dealing with an Australian Merchant but the certain knowledge that you are supporting Australia and its “Lucky Country” status with your purchase.

The founders and directors are confident of high demand because the industry is seriously lacking in innovation that is truly geared toward genuinely servicing the best interests of Australian Merchants. The company aims to make a big difference to the many online Merchants who up until now have not had great options for support. The founders and directors aspire to build a company that ultimately acts as a digital disruptor in every country with its innovative eCommerce virtual shopping mall platform.

33,000 Australian online stores

In Australia, with almost no effort on marketing, more than 1,200 new businesses requested to join Aussie Mega Mall since May 2020. With promotions and advertising, we believe that this traction will grow substantially. Aussie Mega Mall already hosts 33 000 merchants who each have their own dashboard and access to their analytics information and numerous other valuable tools. The site boasts more than 8,000,000 products, together with numerous value-adding merchant and shopper services all inside the largest shopping mall online anywhere in the world.

Stores are showcased as apps when touched it takes the shopper to the stores website - Try It Out

The Retail Apocolypse before COVID-19 and why we need to stop the foreign invasion.

The Aussie Mega Mall company executives believe that its offer is unique and timely.

Key competitors include Amazon, eBay, Alibaba, Kogan, Catch, Wish and others entering the lucrative space. Most of the main competitors are non-Australian and since the Covid-19 pandemic, there has been a very strong “Buy from Aussies” and #ShopLocal sentiment nationally.

The Aussie Mega Mall is about protecting Australian stores from foreign invasion.

Darryl Reeves – Co-Founder

Good news spreads fast

The Aussie Mega Mall has received many complimentary stories and continue to do so. The COVID-19 has become the perfect storm for the launch of the Aussie Mega Mall.

The Aussie Mega Mall is part of the solution. The protection of Australian stores for the good of the Australian economy and society.

The best platform we have ever used. Each morning we wake up to new sales and hot leads from the Aussie Mega Mall. We love that we need to do nothing and it all just happens.

Jacky Martin – Director – Home of 12 Volt.

The Aussie Mega Mall is packed with rich features and benefits

There are 12 operational features “Live” now and providing value to merchants. others are in the works or on the drawing board. Customer care centre staff ensure awareness and support so that merchants make the most of these and experience the benefits.

Our features have been created by a personal discussion with more than 2000 Australian online stores and 1000 Australian shoppers.

The feature set of the Aussie Mega Mall is unique to the Aussie Mega Mall and as such cannot be found in any other platform.

Shopping by preferred payment method including Cryptocurrencies

This feature was high on the “wish list” of most people interviewed. The frustration of searching for products, placing them in the shopping cart and only then, at the point of checkout discovering the merchant does not accept your preferred payment option. We fixed that! One-click sorts the entire mall by your chosen method of payment. From Amex and PayPal to Bitcoin, B-Pay and buy-Now-Pay-Later (BNPL). Aussie Mega Mall has you sorted.

Receive instant rewards: Launching Soon!

Everyone loves recognition, especially when it is tangible and easily understood. Mega RewardsCoin (MRC) is received at POS and spendable immediately in the Aussie Mega Mall Marketplace and with participating merchants. Importantly, no more confusion around its value as everyone knows precisely what it’s worth! One dollar!

Dedicated dashboard

Merchants receive a dedicated-to-them “Dashboard”. Here, they can benefit from many value-adding features and services including clicks to site and social media, newsletters and much more. All delivered at no charge to every merchant.

Track purchases and shopping activity

Shoppers (and merchants) can keep, sort and retrieve shops visited and bought from for their purchases from any of the 33,000 merchants within Aussie Mega Mall. It is like having your own concierge.

Merchants can swap stock

Inside the “Swap Stock Room” merchants can swap stock amongst themselves. For example, I sell office Furniture and I want a new BBQ. You need a new desk and so we both effectively use our product as “currency”.

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Networking with other businesses

The capacity for B2B is significant with Aussie Mega Mall. Not only for sales but for collaboration, strategic alliances and more.

Free for life exposure

Any and every merchant, as long as they are “G-Rated”, receive all the features stated here free for life! Affordability is NOT an issue in the Aussie Mega Mall.

Share digital business cards by SMS at no cost

Shoppers and merchants alike can share digital business cards with friends, customers, prospects and more ​​and Aussie Mega Mall picks up the tab! Yup, more free promotion!

Page One exposure in every category

Try opening a new store in most categories and being found anywhere within the first 10 pages of google unless you have the marketing budget of a major corporate like Target or Harvey Norman! Aussie Mega Mall guarantees that EVERY merchant with us gets to be on Page One. No charge!

Quit surplus stock without brand damage

Being known as a “Discounter” is often undesirable and in many cases harmful. Via the Aussie MegaMall Marketplace, you can dispose of your surplus stock without trashing your Brand on your own website.