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The biggest retail collapses of the decade

What you will find below is a collection of many of the most prominent Australian retail failures. By no means is it an exhaustive list; thousands of independent retailers have also collapsed over this time period, and there’s no mention of them here.

These collapses are all pre CORVID-19.

The list of Australian stores collapsing will be incomprehensible.

2019 Troubled Times

Napoleon Perdis, 56 stores
Ed Harry, 87 stores
Build-A-Bear, 30 stores
Focus Group, 38 stores
Ziera, 23 stores
Karen Millen, 7 stores
Red Rooster, 7 stores
Dimmeys, 30 stores
Co-op, 34 stores
Bardot, 72 stores
Critini’s Pizza, 13 stores
Harris Scarfe, 66 stores

2018 A Bloodbath

NQR discount, 18 stores
Maggie T, 28 stores
John’s Nuts, 5 stores
Outdoor Furniture, 27 stores
Zachary, 5 stores
Aussie Farmers Direct, 100 franchisees
Doughnut Time, 23 stores
Baby Bounce, 12 stores
Jamie Oliver’s restaurants, 6 locations
Red Lea Chickens, 22 stores
Toys ‘R’ Us, Babies ‘R’ Us, 44 stores
Esprit, 29 stores
Oliver Brown, 50 stores
Metalicus, 12 stores
Allans Billy Hyde, 2 stores
Watch Works, 114 stores
Tasman Butchers, 17 stores
Max Brenner, 37 stores
Roger David, 57 stores
About Life, 8 stores
Laura Ashley, 18 stores
Kambo’s, Liebe + Haus, 7 stores

Australian online stores
Australian online stores
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A homegrown answer to the COVID-19

Homegrown fix to a global pandemic

As the COVID-19 strikes at the core of every country in the world, governments of these nations are throwing money into their economy by way of various stimulus packages. This is an effort to stave off financial ruin and the complete collapse of their economic platforms, keep away a recession or worse, a depression!

Residents are locking themselves in their homes, avoiding mass gatherings and by all means, “Social Distancing”. Governments are shutting down shopping centres, pubs, restaurants, airlines, sports events, churches and meetings of 50 or more at a growing and alarming rate.

It is likely just the beginning before total closure is seen in Australia. Italy’s 60,000,000 people are already isolated and locked down. This is clearly a nation in despair.

The only viable means to shop is by way of home delivery or the internet. To shop online is becoming the norm even for newcomers to online shopping.

Giants in the industry like Amazon are spruiking they need 100,000 new employees today to handle the massive growth in sales especially in the USA.

This fact is alarming for Australians as we see our local stores, mum and pop stores, closing their front doors because Australians are no longer shopping in the shopping centre or High Street stores. People are staying at home. People are left with no option but to shop online.

As the Australian government continues to inject billions of dollars into the Australian economy a terrible outcome would be if these monies were to be spent with the likes of Amazon, Alibaba, Wish, eBay, Etc, to name a few foreign-owned conglomerates.

As a nation, we cannot afford our dollars to go overseas. It must be spent in Australian stores for Australian business owners to pass onto Australian employees and our Australian families. It must be kept in Australia and continue to recycle to all of us in every way possible.

That is why we have launched an all Australian shopping mall showcasing over 32,000 Australian stores. No Amazon, No eBay, No Alibaba, No foreign stores and No dropshipping stores. ONLY 100% AUSTRALIAN STORES who employ Australians.

There is no easier or more patriotic way to shop.

If you are shopping online, and you likely will be, then please shop in the Aussie Mega Mall with 32,000+ and increasing Australian online stores. We do not charge any fees or commissions to the Aussie shopper or Aussie store owner for any product bought from an Australian store.

If you think you can in any way assist the launch, publication or distribution of the Aussie Mega Mall then please connect with me at your earliest.

Why we built the
Aussie Mega Mall

Not just another Amazon, eBay, Kogan or Catch

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