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Darryl Reeves


Welcome to the Aussie Retail Rescue

There is no question that Covid-19 has accelerated online shopping to extraordinary numbers globally. Pre-Covid, we never imagined that 2021/22 would see online shopping in Australia as the necessity it has now become for most people.

It is the perfect storm! Mass lockdowns, online mobile devices and very high demand for home delivery have created a vastly different shopper. The shopper is now sophisticated.

The 20-yr old ‘Legacy’ online Marketplaces are to Explore My Store what fossil fuel vehicles are to electric vehicles. They simply won’t last!

Online shopping needed to be re-imagined, and we have just done it! Explore MY Store is now shopping the way it should be.

Covid arrived when Australia was seeing a “global retail apocalypse” ravage merchants shores. Big brands we all grew up with disappearing forever!

Behemoths like Amazon on a mission to “destroy Australian retail”. Source NewsCorp

An Australian fightback had to be conceived. We had already lost the manufacturing industry. Now the retail Industry is under severe threat. That’s why we have created the Aussie Retail Rescue plan.

Our programme unites thousands of Australian Merchants to be showcased to all Australian shoppers and no middle man takes a cut of the sale. Period!

The fallout from the pandemic; the invasion of foreign stores; the costs to promote an online presence have all placed serious pressure on Australian Merchants.

Many are falling into bankruptcy with losses from last year too big to overcome. The next twelve months will be even worse for some! Lost livelihoods, broken families, associated health issues, community pressures, etc. This is serious! The future of the ‘Lucky Country’ is at stake here.

Australia needs to stand up and rally, they need to forsake the giant self-proclaimed emperors especially Amazon, eBay, Alibaba and Wish to name a few.

We may all long to see shopping return to the ‘High Street’ but in the meanwhile, at least shop online with Australian stores.

Australian shoppers shopping directly with Australian Stores

Features & Benefits

Free Features

Premium Features

Shop Direct With Merchants

All Australian online shopping centre where the Australian shoppers can shop direct with Australian stores.

Only Australian Merchants

All stores are guaranteed to be an Australian store. A store located in Australia employing Australians.

Click Frenzy Everyday

PREMIUM FEATURE | Showcase your specials instantly to our Aussie shoppers. Be seen on our home page promoting the biggest sales in Australia today. No fees ever for any sale.

Add To As Many Aisles

No matter what you sell online we have an aisle for you to be showcased. Add your store to as many aisles that suit.

100% Free to be showcased

Australian shoppers shop direct with your store. No fees or commissions payable for anything sold. 100% free to be showcased.

Store Catalogues

PREMIUM FEATURE | In Australia around 8.2 billion articles of junk mail are produced yearly. We are showcasing them digitally.

Made In Australia

An arena dedicated to stores that make their product right here in Australia. Everybody loves Australian Made.

Digital Business Card

A digital business card showcasing all the important stuff from your website. This can be shared to family, friends and customers in a text to their phone.

Top Line Premium Exposure

PREMIUM FEATURE | Sit above all of your competition. Be the first to be seen.

Find It, Love It, Save It

Save all of your favorite stores in one location, click the heart in the top right.

Social Media

Bring all of your social media pages to the shopper. Let them share to family and friends. One click to your social pages.

Zoom With A Shopping Cart

PREMIUM FEATURE | Launching soon, a face to face chat with an inbuilt shopping cart. Demonstrate today and get paid before the end of the call.

Payment Options

10+ different payment options the shopper can change the whole shopping centre to include only stores that accept their payment selection.

Wholesale or Retail

Whatever your store does we promote your brand. Add your store as a retail store, a wholesale store or both.

Gift Cards

PREMIUM FEATURE | Gift giving has never been easier, purchase Gift Cards direct from the store.

Shop Direct or Click & Collect

Change the shopping centre to how you want to shop. Shop direct or click & collect

SEO Tools

An ever growing set of inbuilt SEO tools.

Dashboard Driven

You’re in control, make changes instantly from your dashboard.

Membership Pass

Own one of the Exclusive Limited Edition Explore My Store (EMS) Membership passes (Total supply limited to 5,000 only)

Exclusively on the Solana blockchain for Aussie merchants an exclusive limited-edition membership access that will provide lifetime discounted access to the ever increasing benefits of Explore My Store premium services.


Membership is very exclusive. There are only 5,000 Premium Membership passes available ever for merchants in Explore My Store. Most of the raised funds will be used to market the platform to the millions of shoppers all-around Australia to Rescue Aussie Retail. We want to bring the power back to the Australian merchants and keep the profits in Australia.


The Membership passes will be minted in the form of NFT (Non Fungible Token) on the Solana blockchain. This provides your ‘Access Key’ to all of the existing and future benefits of the EMS platform at significant discounts. There are also other exclusive benefits beyond just discounts. Instead of having recurring membership access fees, we are offering an investment in the NFT asset. Holding the NFT provides lifetime access to all membership programme benefits, at the same time if you decide not to use premium services in the future, you have an option to sell your NFT asset in the secondary market and recover your investment or even make a profit.


Having only 5,000 membership passes available and 35,0000 existing merchants means, only 14.2% merchants can buy one. New Merchants are joining every day and we’re targeting 100,000 in the next 12 months
When we have 100 thousand merchants or, if some merchants buy multiple membership passes the percentage available decreases. We expect this will increase the desirability and price on the secondary market. You can do the math
Those who hold 1-3 membership passes will have a 15% discount on all premium services provided by EMS. One membership pass can be used per store and if you have several brands you can use the benefit of each pass to promote each of your brands
If you hold 4 or more membership passes you will have a 30% discount on all premium services provided by EMS. The 30% discount applies to each brand managed by the merchant who has an associated wallet with 4 or more passes
Some merchants and investors will buy extra membership passes to sell later at a profit in the open market
Membership passes pay for themselves very quickly and you can do your own math on ROI
Being on the Blockchain means safety, transparency, and certainty is assured


We want to keep the membership passes exclusive to Australians therefore 80% of the total supply will have the whitelisting process (reserving process) allocated from day one for those who own Australian stores with an ABN. 20% of the supply will be available to the public for investment/resale only purposes but can only ever be used by Australian merchants when it comes to claiming the membership benefits.


The total supply will be divided into 3 batches where the 1st batch will have the supply of 1,000 membership passes. The 2nd batch supply will be 1,000 membership passes. The remaining 3,000 membership passes will be minted within the 3rd batch. The Whitelist will be on a first come first serve basis.


The payback case study shows the payback (in days) of the investment when merchant is using full service premium package.

Register for the whitelist by filling in the form

Team Members


Darryl Reeves


A lifetime of international entrepreneurship, professional presenter, radio host, author, keynote speaker, corporate trainer on four continents.


Neil Fairhead


Longtime innovator, technology architect, creative director, and proven startup promoter. Neil brings his strategic implementation experience and talents to the Explore My Store shopping centre platform.


Peter Banks


International Hospitality and FMCG awards winner, team builder and Smart Contracts and technology business founder, Peter is a valuable asset to the EMS team.



Blockchain Project Lead

Dynamic CIO, COO, CFO with corporate experience. Visionary leader with extensive operational history. A resume of investing and building Blockchain and NFT web3 projects.


David Lowe


Lifetime entrepreneur, David has business connections all over Australia and even beyond. His passion for the Explore My Store innovation promotes serious interest with potential corporate partners.




Versatile self-starter with a Finance background. Brings investors and projects together via collaborations in the blockchain and NFT space.




Google “Greenest person on the Planet” and you will find Matthias. Savvy, business centric, green-focussed and “pumped” about EMS, Matthias drives our sustainabilty focus in the EMS team.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is EMS?

An eCommerce platform that has re-imagined the online shopping experience; it keeps profits in the host country and puts local merchants first. You know of Uber or Airbnb, right? The biggest taxi and accommodation businesses in the world… they don’t own a taxi or a room!

Explore My Store (EMS) is the biggest shopping center in Australia and they do not own a shop! Already, EMS has listed more than 35,000 Australian merchants, and new merchants are joining daily.

What is Blockchain?

The blockchain is an open searchable Immutable public ledger for recording transactions.

What is Solana?

Solana is the fastest and least expensive blockchain in the world and the fastest-growing ecosystem in crypto, with thousands of projects spanning DeFi, NFTs, Web3 and more.

What is an NFT?

NON Fungible Token (NFT) is a unique cryptographic token that exists on a blockchain and cannot be replicated. NFTs can represent real-world items like artwork, real estate or membership access. “Tokenizing” these real-world tangible assets makes buying, selling, and trading them more efficient and less expensive while reducing the probability of fraud.

How can I mint an EMS Membership pass?

Please join our Telegram group https://t.me/exploremystore_AUS for detailed instructions.

What is the price for the EMS Membership pass?

The price will be announced closer to the mint in our Telegram group https://t.me/exploremystore_AUS.

Will I be able to buy an EMS Membership pass if I do not have crypto?

Yes, you will be able to buy EMS Membership passes by just having your email and credit or debit card as an alternative to minting with USDC.

How to buy Solana and USDC?

Solana and USDC are traded on many crypto exchanges. Some examples where you can buy are Moonpay, Coinjar, and Binance. You can buy Solana after creating an account, passing the KYC process and buying it by using your credit card. Also check our Telegram group https://t.me/exploremystore_AUS for more details instructions and support.

Do I need Solana in my Phantom Wallet for minting EMS Membership passes?

Yes, you need a small amount of Solana (around 1-2 USD value) for the “gas fees” (transaction costs) when minting a membership pass.

How to get a Phantom Wallet?

Please join our Telegram group https://t.me/exploremystore_AUS for detailed instructions.

What will the mint supply be?

There will be a total mint of 5,000 membership passes (NFTs). Never more!

Will there be a whitelist?

80% of supply will be whitelisted to verifiable Australian merchants with ABN exclusively.

How can I benefit from investing in EMS Memerbship pass if I am not an Australian merchant?

Why USDC on Solana blockchain?

We want to build the best ecosystem possible for our community. Seeing that we expect an array of features of which most actions will require a transaction. Other Blockchain such as ETH will limit profitability or affordability for many, and the network can become heavily congested. Solana on the other hand is very fast, very cheap, and has a lot more scope for growth currently. USDC is a “stable coin” pledged to USD and therefore the value of the membership pass will not be impacted by the volatility of cryptocurrencies, but will have impact only from the amazing and increasing value Explore My Store provides to its growing daily # of merchants.

Minting date?

To be announced in the Telegram group https://t.me/exploremystore_AUS.

How to join the whitelist?