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Channel 9 loves what we do

"There is a new player in the retail world taking the fight up to international sites"

Channel Nine

Introducing the cash rewards

Make shopping a fun day is the Aussie Mega Mall way. Now with Cash Rewards. A unique way to shop.

Australia's largest online shopping centre

Introducing the Mega Malls Global.

Make shopping a fun day

Make shopping a fun day is the Aussie Mega Mall way. No parking hassles, no crowds, no wobbly trolley and no checkout lines.

Make shopping a fun day.

Say goodbye to the hassle

Launching our tagline. After extensive research, we concluded that the word hassle was voted number one as best describing the weekly shopping experience.

The Aussie Mega Mall lets you say goodbye to the hassle.

Amazon is here

There is no mistaking Amazons agenda. They have set their sites on their public mission statement “We are going to destroy the retail environment in Australia

We wanted to put pictures to words and this certainly does paint destruction.

Online shopping is so easy

Everyone loves monkeys but more so when they make doing what we do look easy. Add online shopping to the mix and the Aussie Mega Mall is the easiest way to shop.

The EARTH'S largest...

We wanted the capture the sheer size of the Mega Mall. The idea was to portray that the Aussie Mega Mall is so big it can be seen from space.

A comical twist was added to dilute the factual element.

Bonding over beer...

The emphasis here was the enticing and mesmerising bubbles rising against the amber glow of a glass of beer.

A close-up shot was used so not to interrupt the visual. Adding the heavy drums created a territorial feel capturing the moment of bonding when drinking beers with friends.

The morning kick starter

This was the first video emphasising that Aussie Mega Mall is the solution. It will be a common trait in most future videos. The slow pace of cascading coffee beans emulates the feeling of need for a kick starter.

The video is ended with a subtle logo placement.

The Swap Stock experience

High impact with global access is highlighted with a top of view experience. The man standing in the centre is communicating to an abundant audience who, in turn, is communicating with him. The music is a play from the X Files.