PRESS RELEASE | 25 March 2020

32,000+ Australian online retailers are ready, willing and able to serve and support Australians in the face of the escalating coronavirus worldwide pandemic.

COVID-19 virus, on the back of the “Retail Apocalypse” headlining the media of late, is a “double-whammy” hit for main street retail around the world. Australia is no exception! Both small and big brands are disappearing in their tens of thousands daily. It is a crisis like no other we have ever seen!

Currently, on a global scale, online shopping entrepreneurs are doing everything they can to deliver solutions. One of the most exciting bright-spots in the current doom and gloom is the Aussie Mega Mall, Australia’s newest and largest online shopping site.

The Aussie Mega Mall boasts more than 32,000 Australian-only merchants who are ready, willing and able to service Australians with products locally. Aussie’s very own home-grown innovation is the largest conglomeration of Australian merchants all in one location. It might well be finding itself in the perfect storm.

Aussie Mega Mall is an online business, with much work-from-home staff and soon, many more positions could be on offer if their plans materialise.

“We are certainly a huge part of the solution, which is desperately needed in Australia right now. We could even soon become a global brand and a highly desirable Australian export. Our business model is the Uber of shopping; and like Uber, we want to revolutionise and democratise online shopping,” said Mr Darryl Reeves, CEO and Co-Founder.

“Online shopping has surged amid the panic over the coronavirus that emerged out of China in December 2019. Australians are now realising how way-too-dependent they have become upon China and other offshore providers to fulfil their online shopping needs. At Aussie Mega Mall, we have just witnessed a massive surge in our online shopping traffic, March 2020 has been our biggest month since the company’s inception!”

“Now that China is seriously struggling to fulfil orders due to their major coronavirus issues and government restrictions all-around, Aussie shoppers are flocking to Australian merchants inside the Aussie Mega Mall. Merchants that can readily service and deliver the goods Australians need.”

“It is likely to be months before China can get back up-to-speed and this will propel the Aussie Mega Mall and the Australian-only-merchants’ philosophy that we support. We have been saying since our commencement that Aussies supporting Aussies is the first and the best way to go in this country!

Aussies, until now, have traded dollars in short-term savings by using offshore China-supported drop shippers and the likes of Amazon, eBay, Wish, etc… at the expense of local online businesses. Certainly, they never imagined it could cost them their jobs, their livelihoods and be a serious threat to their society and status.

If we want to hang on to our “Lucky Country” status, we need to rethink our values. Now!

At Aussie Mega Mall, we have awesome bargains, millions of great products and shoppers get to deal with locals and support our country first. “Give Aussies a fair go!” That’s our mantra.

Right now we are in serious discussions with government officials in various departments and Ministers at the highest levels. We are also in discussions with major corporations. Obviously, like everyone today, we need all the support we can muster. We are not running scared yet we are running head-on towards this Goliath-like enemy and we expect to be fully triumphant! It’s the Aussie way mate! As the old maxim goes, “When the going gets tough, the tough get going!”

This is a once-in-a-lifetime situation and for all the threats it presents, we are not succumbing to the negatives but rather, accentuating the positives.”