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An Australia-focussed, principles-driven enterprise.

After observing foreign conglomerates dominate “The Lucky Country” for the past few decades, it’s time for a change!

eBay, Amazon, Wish and many other big brands have been making their offshore shareholders wealthy at our expense. Explore My Store founders and their large and growing number of supporters are intent on turning the tables. The “Aussie Retail Rescue” campaign is phase one in the plan!

Darryl Reeves, the Chairman and a Co-Founder says, “We want a good news story for local Australian businesses, their families and their communities. Something that maximises my passions, skills and connections. We want to see the money stay in Australia, not go offshore. Let’s turn the tables!”

A few years ago now, talking with an old friend over a drink, the seed of this idea was sketched out on the back of our beer coasters!

After tons of research and conversations with merchants and shoppers, our idea began to get clear. Our model would leverage the “Sharing Economy”, and “keep the cash in Australia”. Innovators like Uber and Airbnb inspired us with how they leveraged and democratised transportation and accommodation. Now we intend to do it with eCommerce!

The looming fallout from the international marketplace brands was obvious to us years ago. Now it’s a bigger threat than ever and we can’t wait any longer to do something!

We are family men who want to see family businesses thrive, not end up competing with us like merchants do in the current marketplace platforms.

Explore My Store is launching Aussie Retail Rescue in the fourth quarter of 2021. We have the team, the product, the merchants, the shoppers and vitally, the passion to see this campaign through. We invite any and all Australian merchants to join us and make the ‘Lucky Country’ everything it should be!