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The HOME page of Explore My Store showcases the largest collection of sales items anywhere in Australia today and it’s available 24/7.

Every store is displayed as an App. We call them LITE Apps. They look and work just like an App. Exploring the entire store of your favourite merchants is just a click away!.

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Explore My Store is all about connecting Australian Shoppers with Australian Stores.

Australian stores are stores registered in Australia, employing Australians and using Australian services supporting our country and keeping our money here, not sending it overseas.

In every aisle (Eg: Categories such as Camping, Fashion, Baby Supplies, Etc, Etc.) shoppers can enjoy their browsing and shop.

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Explore My Store helps shoppers explore and share what matters to them. Every store has a digital business card that can be shared via text to family and friends at no cost to the shopper.

When received, recipients simply touch the card to be inside the store and explore it themselves.

Promoting The Brand


Promoting The Brand

Sharing The Brand

Explore My Store is all about promoting Australia. By helping online stores showcase their stores, products, services and brands, we strengthen our country and those businesses that are employing Australian families in our communities.

The Merchant’s brand (logo) appears upfront in the business card.

Explore Made In Australia

Explore My Stores showcases Australian Online Stores. Stores that are registered in Australian, employ Australians and use the services of Australian companies.

Additionally, the Australian shopper can explore Australian stores than promote products Made In Australia.

Exploring Australian Stores Catalogues

Many Australians love receiving Store catalogues but there is no dispute that they are harmful to the environment and contribute to climate change.

Explore My Store is a carbon neutral company registered with the United Nations Go Climate Neutral campaign. We help merchants cut down their carbon footprint and make a positive difference to our climate.

Dashboard Driven

Every store in Explore My Store has a dashboard.

Dashboard access gives the merchant full control how their store is presented and in what aisles.

The digital business card can be accessed and updated via the dashboard.