Frequently Asked Questions

Online shopping in Australia is getting harder and harder for merchants. A Google search has long been the accepted platform to find stores. Foreign stores continue to grow in number competing for the same Australian shoppers and, they pour huge amounts cash into SEO optimisation to climb to the first page of Google. This, in turn, pushes our Australian online merchant’s stores further down the list and frequently make them virtually irrelevant.
The EXPLORE THIS STORE is Australia’s real opportunity to resist this trend and fight back.

We will NEVER knowingly allow offshore competitors to get ahead of our own local merchants.

We wanted the shopper to have a great browsing experience and so, we gave every store in the EXPLORE THIS STORE their own Lite App. Hover over any Lite App first and see a quick overview of the store. Then, just tap any LITE app and be delivered right into that store!

Every Australian store can be showcased within the EXPLORE THIS STORE and it is 100% free. Additionally, they get to use the rich features and tools all accessible from their very own dashboard provided. Again, 100% free.

Add your store today

We wanted to emulate the best of the bricks and mortar shopping centres we’re all accustomed to. One of the great pleasures is the ability to browse. To go into one store have a look around and then pop out and go into another. The EXPLORE THIS STORE has been created to provide just that. You can easily select the aisle of interest and then select any store, all done with NO typing whatsoever. And, no salesperson following you around.

Did you know that more than 60% of online stores do not display what payment methods they accept until you get to the checkout? If you want to shop using your American Express then you needed to do a whole lot of searching.

We have eliminated this inconvenience. The EXPLORE THIS STORE lets you choose your preferred payment with a click of a button. Touch American Express and the whole directory becomes an American Express directory showing only the stores that love Amex.

The same can be done for any payment preference you may have.

Every store in the EXPLORE THIS STORE has a digital business card. It is found when you hover your mouse over their LITE app. The digital business card is created by lifting from the store’s website all of the important stuff for you to evaluate before you enter the store.