Every store looks like an App | Free Feature

We made it so simple to browse and shop Aussie stores. Every store has an App, we call them LITE apps, they look and work like an app. When a shopper touches or clicks an app they are taken to that store to browse and shop.

This means that you as a store owner does not load up any product or pay any fees or commision for any product sold. The Aussie shoppers shops directly with you.

Every Aussie store looks like an app

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When clicked or touched it takes the shopper to the store

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Get Traffic for Christmas | Premium Feature | $99 for 99 Days subscription | In Addition to being on our HOME Page which we are promoting to 2M Aussie Shoppers by Email and SMS...

The last 100 days of the year is the busiest and most profitable time of the year for online Christmas shopping. As Australians across the nation turn to the convenience of online shopping more are getting trapped into the shopping cart of Amazon and eBay to name but a few.

Not because they want to but because finding Australian stores is extremely difficult, it has all become just too hard.

Explore My Store is online shopping re-imagined. It is an Aussie Retail Rescue.

Never has it been so easy and enjoyable to shop Australian stores for Christmas. We have a dedicated HOME PAGE location for our store showcasing your Christmas specials.

On the HOME page is our Explore Christmas Sales button

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When touched or clicked it takes you to the Christmas sales page

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Touch the David Jones app or any other and it will take you to their Christmas page in their store

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Easy and Functional Aisle Selector | Free Feature

Online shopping is about convenience, Amazon, eBay and other marketplace platforms have not cracked the annoyance of the keyboard.

We have, you can browse and navigate to any one of our 35,000 Australian stores with your mouse or finger. NO KEYBOARD required.

Using the aisle selector you can find a plethora of Australian stores to browse in an instant. With 400 aisles to choose from you are assured as a shopper that your perfect purchase is waiting for you.

The joy of online shopping has never been so bright.

Use the A to Z aisle selector to discover thousands of Aussie Stores>

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Select an aisle, in this case CAMPING

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Here you can browse 180+ Australian camping stores directly

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Premium or Free | that is the question

The great Australian way is that no one gets left behind.

To have an online presence today is so expensive and time consuming. The hours and dollars spent on social media, Youtube, Adwords, email campaigns to name but a few is exhausting and overwhelming.

The costs can be horendous.

Plug your store into Explore My Store and take adavantage of the shoppers coming to browse and shop 35,000 Australian stores.

We give you 2 choices FREE each day or a PREMIUM stand out location packed with features is $1:00 a day.

Premium Stores | Incl in the $99 for 99 Days subscription

Premium stores can be added to an unlimited number of aisles that suit as a free store location.

There is a limit of 18 Premium stores in any aisle. First served is first secured. 3 lines of 6 rotating.

Premium stores sit on the top of the aisle. They sit above all of the competition.

The premium stores rotate on the top 3 lines so each store gets to be in position 1/

Premium stores can change there App visual, it can show there logo, brand or a product.

Premium stores can change the URL that the shopper lands on when the App it touched or clicked.

Free Stores

Free stores sit below the green banner.

Free stores are 25% smaller than Premium Stores.

Free stores can only show the logo of the store.

Free stores continually rotate and can be found on Page 1, 2 or anyother page in the nominated aisle.

Any Aussie store can have their store showcased on 5 aisles for free.

Free stores can only be linked to the stores home page.

The top 3 Lines are Premium stores

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Stores below the green banner are free

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The Digital Business Card | Premium Feature | Incl in the $99 for 99 Days subscription

What was once old is new again. Once upon a time business cards were a necessity. Today we have launched the digital business card that can be shared to clients, friends or family.

The digital business card is packed with features telling the shopper all about your store before they click or tounch the app.

The feature for a Premium Store are:

1: Company Name

2: About the company

3: Live links to your social pages

4: Live link to your store

5: Send To Mobile, click and add a mobile number, click send and your digital Business Card will be sent as a text giving a 99% open rate, when the recipient touches or clicks on the business card in their text message they will be sent to you store

6: Live links to other aisles your store is showcased in

7: 5 live backlinks, great for SEO. The links can be any pages on your website

8: Showcase the payment methods you accept. Appear in each search for these payment options.

9: Let the shopper know if you have a bricks and morter store

10: Image of your home page.

Put your mouse over any Premium app and a digital busines card pops up

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Feature packed Digital Business Card

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