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A 4th Industrial Revolution Company

“How to buy all Australian at the first-ever online Aussie Mega Mall”

“There is a new player in the retail world taking the fight up to international sites” Channel Nine

“A group of Australians have created the biggest shopping centre in Australia”
Channel Seven

Darryl Reeves
Mega Malls Ltd

Australian online stores
Australian online stores
Free for every store

Homegrown fix to a global epidemic

The Aussie Mega Mall is a #local fightback focussed solution.

Countering unprecedented global disruption and delivering exceptional value with beautiful convenience.

Mega Mall platforms unite and support #local merchants & benefit #global shoppers.

We prosper when our merchant businesses prosper.

Happy shopping,

The Executive Team

Darryl Reeves
Co-Founder & Chairman

Neil Fairhead
Co-Founder & CEO

Peter Banks
CEO – Mega Malls Global

Miriam Ratu
South Pacific BDM

Arvid Vanags
Investor Relations

Graham Donnelly
Company Accountant

Matthias Gelber
Sustainability Champion

David Lowe
Strategic Partnerships

Darryl Reeves Director and Co-Founder of Mega Malls Ltd

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LIVE | 33,000 Stores

LIVE | 22,000 Stores

LIVE | 24 Countries

Live | 1,200 stores

Launching Soon

Launching Soon