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Explore My Store is online shopping re-imagined

Darryl Reeves | Co-Founder


Explore My Store

PO Box 790
QLD 4217


The place where Shoppers connect in-store directly with Merchants and their qualified staff who greet them as valued customers.

Where no middle man in between takes a big cut for the introduction.

There is no question that Covid-19 has accelerated online shopping to extraordinary numbers globally. Pre Covid, we never imagined that 2021 would see online shopping in Australia as the necessity it has now become for most people.

It is the perfect storm! Mass lockdowns, online mobile devices and very high demand for home delivery have created a vastly different shopper than pre-Covid.

The 20-yr old ‘Legacy’ online Marketplaces are to Explore My Store what fossil fuel vehicles are to Tesla! They simply won’t last!

Online shopping needed to be re-imagined, and we have just done it! Explore MY Store is now shopping the way it should be.

Covid arrived when Australia was seeing a “global retail apocalypse” ravage Merchants shores. Big brands we all grew up with disappearing forever!

Behemoths like Amazon on a mission to “destroy Australian retail”. Source NewsCorp

An Australian fightback had to be conceived. We had already lost the manufacturing industry. Now the retail Industry is under severe threat. That’s why we have created the Aussie Retail Rescue plan.

Our programme unites thousands of Australian Merchants to be showcased to all Australian shoppers and no middle man takes a cut of the sale. Period!

The fallout from the pandemic; the invasion of foreign stores; the costs to promote an online presence have all placed serious pressure on Australian Merchants.

Many are falling into bankruptcy with losses from last year too big to overcome. The next twelve months will be even worse for some! Lost livelihoods, broken families, associated health issues, community pressures, etc. This is serious! The future of the ‘Lucky Country’ is at stake here.

Australia needs to stand up and rally, they need to forsake the giant self-proclaimed emperors especially Amazon, eBay, Alibaba and Wish to name a few.

We may all long to see shopping return to the ‘High Street’ but in the meanwhile, at least shop online with Australian stores.