Aussie Retail Rescue

Australian businesses need rescuing. It's URGENT!

The Retail Apocalypse in 2018 and 2019 saw the heavy invasion of foreign eCommerce giants and drop shippers reach critical mass in Australia. Then, along comes Covid. As if the first retail apocalypse was not enough, now ten of thousands more Australian stores have and will fall into insolvency and bankruptcy in the next 18 months.

Iconic names we all knew as kids have disappeared never to be seen again.

Recent lockdown after lockdown has left retailers in serious peril.

Economic and social devastation across Australia has forced Australians to turn to online shopping in unprecedented numbers. The local High Street is now a shadow of what it once was. Brick and mortar stores have not held on. They now have ‘for lease’ signs in their windows rather than products.

Australian Retail needs rescuing. It needs uniting. It needs one platform putting Aussie retailers first. Most importantly, with no middle men gouging profits!

Explore This Store has launched the Aussie Retail Rescue campaign to do just that. An all-in-one solution.

Here is our blueprint for the Aussie Retail Rescue.

As a shopper or a store owner we invite you to please join us. Together, we can do this!

The Blue Print

The majority of Australian stores are under massive pressures from competition. These days, even more than ever! Our borders no longer offer the protection from foreign invaders that they once did.

Billions of people globally with only a smartphone or tablet are now drop-shipping products. Africa, Europe, Asia, North America, brands big and small are serious competition to us here downunder in the ‘Lucky Country!

Massive marketplace platforms invite Australian stores to add their product to their websites. The biggest and most successful of these in Australia is Amazon, but there are others too and more will come! These foreign emperors of online retail gouge huge fees and charges for any product sold. This leaves thousands of Australian stores competing against cheaper and often inferior foreign products and very small or no margins.

Explore This Store is a means to eliminate these middlemen. Permanently!

It is shopping re-imagined. A solution where retail can thrive for the Australian shopper, Australian merchant and our ‘Lucky Country’ families and economy.

The Mission

Deliver a marketing platform for all Australian businesses that eclipses all others. Deliver massive value to online and main street merchants alike. Make it free to join for all and give more value at no cost than all other alternatives that charge fees.

Right now Explore This Store delivers Australian shoppers directly to Australian stores with just one click! Free of any fees or charges for any products sold.

Our mission in summary:

* 100% Free for all Australian Stores.
* Every shopper can EXPLORE any store in one touch or click
* No restrictions between shopper and store owner
* Branding is all about the merchants store not our platform
* All shopper details become the store owners to market
* Any shopper can shop direct with their chosen stores
* Absolutely no need for merchants to upload products to third party platforms
* Every store looks and works like an App. Just touch/click it
* No fees for any store owner to be showcased on page 1
* Every store gets a digital business card to share and market
* Every store can showcase their sales page on the Explore This Store home page.
* Every Store can be in any relevant aisle that suits
* Many free tools to businesses in Australia succeed and prosper

Every store gets to keep all the revenue from every sale

The Result

Explore This Store is what online should be. A place that makes online shopping a joy.

No hidden agenda, a simply beautifully laid out platform that unites shoppers and store owners together. No restrictions, no complications, no extra hours to upload products and no fees or commissions for products sold.

Explore This Store is the place for every shopper to start to explore. A place where a shopper can visit any store and have a chat. Many millions of products are on sale every day.

We do not have just one reason why you should start with Explore This Store, we have more than 34,000 reasons why and importantly, they are all Australian owned businesses.

Now Is The Time

The Australian Retail landscape is just a shell of what it once was. It is already littered with lost shops showcasing “For Lease” signs, many iconic brands are now nothing but a mere memory. Left with a tombstone that says, “Here lies another great Australian employer”.

The Retail Apocalypse is real and it has killed-off thousands of shops and brands.

It is just the beginning unless we start now. We need to unite and shop in Australian stores.

We need to act now to preserve Australian families, communities, towns and cities. Small businesses employ the bulk of all employees. When we lose them, our children suffer, having to choose weekends with mum or dad, leaving schools, friends, relatives.. It’s a nightmare! Thankfully, one we can avert if we join together and act now.

Please support us, the 34,000 stores and the millions of Australian shoppers who rely on them for jobs.

Let us all do our part in the great Aussie Retail Rescue!