35,000+ Australian online Stores

Every store in the Explore My Store is an Australian store, employing Australians, warehousing in Australia and supporting Australians.

Explore My Store has more than 1,000,000 Australian shoppers.

Every store in Explore My Store is guaranteed to be showcased on page one of any aisle they want to be seen in.

It is 100% FREE for any Australian Online Store to be showcased.

Sale Frenzy Everyday

Showcase your sales page on our home page. Explore My Store has more sales items than any other platform in Australia.

Any products bought from your store by one of our shoppers will NOT incur any fees or commissions.

We bring Aussie shoppers to your store, they can browse, shop and buy.

Shoppers Shop Direct

You have already done all the hard, uploaded your stock to your website.

Explore My Store does not require you to add your stock to our store. All we want is to have your permission to a have a link from our website to your store.

When one of our shoppers click on your APP in Explore My Store they be in your store to browse, shop and buy. It is 100% FREE for any Australian Online Store to be showcased. We charge no fees or charges for any products you sell.

Dashboard Driven

Log into your dashboard and you can set your logo, add to other aisles, connect your social pages, create 5 backlinks for SEO and so much more.

Explore My Store is all about bringing your store to the shoppers.

Built on a plug-in-an-play. Connect your store and welcome our Australian shoppers.

Cash In Your Till

Times are hard, Australians want to support Australian stores.

Explore My Store is a middle man that takes no fees or commissions on any sale. Aussie shoppers shopping in Aussie stores and all the sales stays in the merchants till.

No other group, foundation or government department is doing more to promote Australian stores to Australian shoppers than Explore My Store, AND it is FREE.